Pregnancy 35w4d

We had our birthing class yesterday at the hospital. It was fairly informative, but covered a lot of stuff I already knew. I don’t think hubby learned a ton either, but at least he got to see a birth video. 😉 The worst part was sitting in semi-uncomfortable chairs from 9:30-3, but I got up and stretched a few times, and there was a lunch break of course. I think the best part was asking the nurses specific questions about hospital policy. I learned my sister is correct: I should not bring any of my medications, Rx or OTC. They will provide them. I also asked about how to make sure my placenta gets saved, since I’m getting it encapsulated.

More on that: I belong to a Facebook group called “Real Moms of the South Shore” (a joking reference to the Real Housewives TV shows). Someone else asked about placenta encapsulation, and through others’ answers, I found a local woman who is highly recommended and costs about what I had expected. Score! I emailed her and she’s free around my due date, so I’m going to secure her services. The benefits of ingesting the placenta include increased milk production, less chance of postpartum depression (which I’m high risk for), and shorter bleeding time after birth. Sounds totally worth it to me!

Hubby is still gimpy. His heel isn’t improving at all, so we’re calling the doc on Tuesday (after the holiday is over) and insisting on an X-ray. He’s sick to death of the crutches. They hurt his armpits and his good foot is getting sore and exhausted. Laundry is piling up because neither of us can carry it downstairs (or up). Yes, I could take more trips with smaller amounts, but the stairs kill my back and abdomen. We’re kind of screwed right now. I don’t want to keep asking family for help. I wanted to save that till the baby comes. We both feel so useless right now. I’ve also had to do more, which makes hubby feel guilty and me more tired. But, we’re getting through it I guess.

We have absolutely no plans today or tomorrow, so we’re taking it easy. I’m still working on the baby’s room, since the shower gifts kind of exploded in there. Trying to find places for everything. Trying to finish my hospital bag. Trying to keep the house from turning into a dump.


2 thoughts on “Pregnancy 35w4d

  1. Real Moms of the South Shore is my Facebook group I started in 2010. I occasionally will google search it to see where it is showing up, and I came across your blog. So happy you found helpful information in the RMSS group!!

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