Pregnancy 37w2d

Yesterday was my 37-week OB check-up. She told me I’m group B strep negative (yay!) and my 24-hour urine test came back free of protein (yay!). Buuut my urine that day still had some glucose in it (boo). She took my blood yet again and we’ll check back in next week.

Next week is an ultrasound and cervical exam. I’m really excited to see how things are going. She definitely hasn’t dropped yet and I’ve had no signs of losing my mucus plug (sorry for the imagery) so she’s apparently in no hurry. I asked my OB about induction or C-section based on her size (not that I want either) and she said they won’t induce for size, and she wouldn’t plan a C-section unless the baby was HUGE. She mainly wants her size information so they know going into labor what to expect. For example, they won’t use forceps or vacuum with a big baby if she gets stuck, they’ll just go to a C-section. Very good to know. I just hope now that I don’t give birth to a 10-pound baby in July. >.<

I’m leaving in about 15 minutes for my third and last prenatal massage. Can’t wait! I spent like two hours today shaving, clipping nails, etc. Basic beautification takes SO much more work at 9 months pregnant. It’s so worth it though. I feel like a person again. We’re also seeing a play tomorrow night so I wanted to be pretty for that too. 😉


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