Pregnancy 37w5d

Wow, what a weekend! I feel like we just tried to cram a month of dates into two days since we won’t be doing much more of it soon. πŸ˜‰ Saturday we slept in deliciously late (well, average for me, but late for him, and it was nice to have him there). That night, we went out for dinner and a play (The Secret Garden). Sunday we went to the beach, then hubby grilled burgers, then we went to the movies (Maleficent). It was pretty much one of the best weekends I’ve had with just the two of us. It was awesome.


My adorable beach cover-up. Also, my not-so-adorable fat pregnancy ankles.

Today was my second non stress test. As usual, something stressed me out on the way there, lol. I got a call that I had missed my 11 am appointment, when I had made it for 1 pm. Luckily they still took me at 1. I got there right at 1 and there was no parking and I had to wait for valet (which is free, yay!). They never run on time in L&D though so it wasn’t a problem. She set me up with my monitors and I just rested in the dark for an hour, sleepy as usual. Inara did fine. I think she wasn’t moving as much in the beginning so the nurse gave me ice water to drink, and she did fine after that. Heart rate was 140-160. My BP was surprisingly low; top number was 98.

Tonight we’re going to a La Leche League meeting for expecting parents. I’m very excited. πŸ™‚


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