Birth Story

That’s right! No week 39 post today; Inara is here! This post will probably be very long and detailed. Medically detailed. Feel free to skip to the last paragraph for the summary if you’d prefer. 😉

On Thursday of last week (June 12), hubby and I headed to my aunt’s house for dinner. As I got out of the car, I felt a tiny trickle in my underwear and yelled “Gotta potty!” and ran inside (I know, I’m so mature). I sat down and peed but it didn’t seem like enough to warrant sudden leakage, and I’d just gone before I left my house. I finished and stood up, and felt a couple more drops leak. I realized what it could be, but wasn’t convinced. I went out into the kitchen to talk to my aunt and husband, and felt more wetness. I informed them and asked hubs to get me some incontinence pads (my aunt is in her 60s and doesn’t have pads in her house, obviously, lol).

While he was gone, I put toilet paper in my underwear and tried to just chat with my aunt, but I got too wet and excused myself to go sit on the toilet till he returned. He got back and brought them in for me, I put one on, stood up, and felt a gush. No question now. I told them and they told me to call the OB, and I did. While I waited for a call back, I ate dinner. I figured, might as well! It’s probably going to be a long time before I do again. Got a call back and was given the go-ahead to go to the hospital. I was eerily calm. I finished my meal, changed my pad, and noticed I’d lost some or all of my mucus plug as well. My aunt and uncle excitedly bade us farewell, and we went home to switch to the car with the hospital bags. We were only 15 min. away.

At home, we fed the cats extra, grabbed a couple last-minute items, gassed up the car (which of course was almost empty for the first time in weeks), and headed to the hospital. No real traffic to worry about, though hubby of course stressed about each slow car in front of us. Got there at 8, just about 2 hours after my water started breaking. Checked in, got examined, and nurse confirmed my water had indeed broken. By then, the fluid on my pad was pink-tinged instead of clear, so that was the bloody show. I was on my way!

After that I got a regular labor and delivery room. We settled in. We had called and texted some people so everyone knew what had happened. My doula arrived soon after. We told my sister, who was out with her wife, not to rush, it would probably be a long night, and we’d let her know when to come. I changed into my birthing gown from Pretty Pushers and put on my birth goddess necklace. Contractions were getting stronger and closer together. My half-hearted idea of a natural birth was quickly fading, and I was okay with that. I bounced on a birthing ball and that helped.

Around midnight, I had reached 3 cm dilatation and I asked for the epidural. Unfortunately, it takes a while to set up. I wasn’t done till 1:30 am. Getting the epidural might have been worse than the contractions. It HURT. Totally worth it though. After that, it was much easier. I couldn’t get up, but I didn’t have to. Hubby, doula, and I all got some much-needed rest. Unfortunately, a few hours later I unexpectedly threw up the dinner I’d eaten almost 12 hours earlier. A good portion went down my cleavage before someone got a basin in front of me. It sucked pretty hard.

My sister arrived at about 8 am. I got checked every so often, and the contractions had slowed down so they put me on Pitocin. Then I started dilating a little better. I threw up three more times, until it was only stomach acid. At 9 cm dilation, she was still at -1 station. Same once I was fully dilated. After a while with her not moving down any more, they started me pushing. That wasn’t fun, though at least I was still pain-free. I definitely pooped at least once (I asked my sister when I smelled something, and she was all “I’m not telling!”) and threw up again while pushing. We tried for an hour and she never got past 0 station. She was getting a conehead from my narrow pelvis. It was exhausting. I’d been in labor for over 24 hours.

At that point, the doctor gently suggested a C-section. I cried with both relief and fear and agreed. I just wanted it over with. I wanted to meet my baby. The next hour was a blur. Hubby changed into scrubs, sister and doula hugged me and went home, I was prepped. I was wheeled into the OR while hubby transferred our stuff to my post-recovery room, while the docs and anesthesiologist swirled around me in a flurry of preparation. I had like 15 people doing things to me. I was shaking with adrenaline and painkillers, so hard my teeth were chattering. I threw up AGAIN. Hubby was brought in when I was “ready,” but he told me later they’d already made the first cut and he totally saw it. I hope he’s not scarred for life. He held my hand and tried to calm me down. My shaking was out of control and big surprise, I threw up one more time for good measure. The anesthesiologist was my puke-catcher and he talked to me the whole time and was SO nice. I wish I remembered his name.

After a few minutes, I heard a cry. I immediately started bawling and hubby might’ve even teared up a bit. 😉 I called out over the sheet “Please tell me it’s a girl!” I had been paranoid the ultrasounds were wrong and I’d have a lot of dresses to return, lol. They confirmed it, and then I asked “Does she have hair?” That was confirmed as well, as I’d expected. Just like her mama. I’ll get into all the post-birth details later in subsequent posts, so I’ll leave you with this:

Inara Willow was born via C-section on Friday, June 13 at 9:45 pm. She weighed 7 lbs. and was 18 3/4 inches long.





4 thoughts on “Birth Story

  1. Congrats! I had a feeling she’d been born when you didn’t post this week. So happy everything went well and you’ve got a healthy baby girl. 🙂

  2. And she is beautiful!!!! You were such a trooper and after a VERY long labor Inara got here and is perfectly healthy. I’m very proud of you. Your husband is a great guy and amazing support system. Your sister was great also. I enjoyed all our conversations and the whole experience. 💟

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