Catching Up

Here’s some irony for you: I finally get the baby to sleep by midnight, but I had a good nap on the couch this evening and now I’m not sleepy. Every. Single. Night. I’ve been begging her to sleep. Now she is and I can’t!

So, since I’m awake, I’ll blog! 😉 I can’t believe Inara is almost 4 weeks old. I’m woefully behind on blogging, but things have been crazy. Not unusually so, just newborn-level crazy. I’m getting by on a LOT less sleep, though I’ve been sleeping longer stretches than I ever did pregnant. It’s awesome to have my body back. So much less pain and less going to the bathroom.

Breastfeeding has been a challenge. My nipples are apparently a little flat so we need to use a nipple shield. She often screams and flails instead of latching, but she’s getting better. One night she fed almost constantly for five hours. That was exhausting. We’re trying to keep her awake more during the day now so she sleeps better at night.

Otherwise, she’s a complete joy. She’s gorgeous and hilarious and snuggly. We can’t even believe we made her. We are so completely in love with her and our new life.



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