Lip- and Tongue-Tie Revision

Inara has had some trouble nursing from the start. She wouldn’t latch, and needed a nipple shield. She was fussy and screamed at the breast for half an hour before finally nursing when she was a newborn. She dribbles milk out the other side of her mouth, soaking both of us. I never thought to look into lip-ties or tongue-ties because I thought her pediatrician, who looked in her mouth, would have seen it. I was wrong. Apparently, they’re not trained to check for them.

In a mommy group on Facebook, I posted about her being a messy eater, just thinking it was a funny quirk. Someone mentioned I should check her mouth for ties. I lifted her top lip, and saw a tie so obvious, I couldn’t believe it hadn’t been noticed yet.


I checked with a lactation consultant, and she agreed it was a severe lip tie, and that tongue ties often occur with it. I got a recommendation for a dentist, and we made an appointment right away. Unfortunately, we hadn’t thought she’d need dental insurance yet, and she can only be added in June, or within 60 days of her birth. We were literally 2 weeks past that.

We took her in for her appointment, he agreed it was a class 4 upper lip tie and a posterior lip tie. He did the procedure that day, using a laser (some still clip them). We paid out of pocket. She screamed (we weren’t in the room), then she was brought to me to nurse. She did for a short time, then slept for then next 2 1/2 hours! Poor wee one. 😦

Unfortunately, I’m not seeing any improvement with nursing. This was 2 weeks ago, and she just recently regressed a bit, fussing at the breast, and I’m having nipple pain. I’ve gone back to lactation group but the LC doesn’t help much. I’m doing her mouth stretching exercises, which she hates, but apparently she might need physical therapy too, to really help. We can’t afford much more after paying for the procedure.

I’ll give them a call and see if we can get insurance to cover it. I’m getting very frustrated. 😦


2 thoughts on “Lip- and Tongue-Tie Revision

  1. This so ironic Sarah. I had trouble nursing Leanne. It was never brought to my attention that it was caused by her upper, inner lip attachment to her gum line. Now I don’t know if this was the same thing as Inara’s situation, but her pediatrician cut it himself in his office. This happened unfortunately after 4 weeks of trying to nurse her & finally stopped because Laurie was only 2 years old & I was totally exhausted. Anyway, it cracks me up that they want a specialist & then exercising her jaw.
    Good luck.

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