After a horrific night’s sleep last night due to a baby that JUST WOULDN’T SLEEP (sigh), I should be exhausted right now. Instead, I have some super fabulous insomnia. I’m channeling it into catching up on blogging.

So, people tell me my baby is gorgeous. I happen to agree, but I’m her mom after all! Still, we think she’s probably above-average objectively speaking, and might try submitting her to some modeling agencies. It’s worth a shot! In the meantime, I’ve submitted this photo for the Gerber Baby contest.


I doubt she’ll win, but she has a fighting chance! I’m trying to build up a portfolio for her, but full-body shots have been difficult. She doesn’t always cooperate. 😉 I thought this was pretty cute though:


We’ll see if it goes anywhere. She’s still the most beautiful baby in the world to me.


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